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⁣LA’s Upscale Karaoke Night ⠀ ⠀

A very special concept from the russian speaking community for the ones who love to sing, dine, drink and dance all in one venue and night!⠀
⠀ ⠀
/ Karaoke songs⠀
/ Dancing⠀
/ Live DJ⠀
/ Live drums⠀
/ The coolest MC in town⠀
/ Birthday shows⠀
/ Delicious food⠀
/ Award-winning drinks⠀
/ Best bottle prices⠀
/ Red carpet⠀
/ Professional photographer⠀ ⠀

All this and even more!⠀ ⠀

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Our KARAOKE party is more than just a party! It’s Dance and Karaoke at the same time!

The Best Karaoke Night in LA hosted by LA Banda Ru with fabulous MC Dzmitry Balashevich and DJ Marathonec. The most Popular Russian and International hits!!! With our professional equipment, you will feel yourself a world-class singer! And be ready to sing in duets or even a whole band, as everyone is welcome to collaborate! Delicious food and the best cocktails at the bar!

We are so excited to bring our Exclusive Karaoke experience and the friendly atmosphere, we are famous for, to Hollywood at THE SAYERS CLUB, where each may demonstrate their vocal abilities to themselves and their friends, sing their all-time favorite songs, dance; all while enjoying delicious drinks and food! With us, your night out is sure to turn into a paradise of music and fine dining.


Doors open: 9 pm

Karaoke line: 9-11 pm

DJ set or/and special performance: 11 – 11:30 pm (Approximate time)

Karaoke line: 11:30 pm- 1:45 am

Last call: 1:35 am

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